Through our facility hosted at Telehouse near Docklands London, we are able to offer a variety of hosting packages. Whatever your website/email hosting needs, we have a package to suit you.

If your requirements don’t fit our packages, contact us, we will be able to negotiate a deal to do exactly what you require. Our hosting facilities both Red Hat Linux running the industry-standard Apache Web server with PHP an Microsoft Windows running ASP and SQL server.

Please click here to launch IA Hosting, the premier hosting provider. Our comprehensive selection of web hosting packages from the basic Home hosting at £1.99/Month to the comprehensive reseller hosting packages your find it on Remember to check out the new build your own eCommerce shop using our site builder package.

What is Web Hosting?

Putting it in simple manner, it is a service where space is provided on special dedicated computes known as servers. They are permanently connected to the Internet and enable people to show their websites to rest of the world.

The servers where the websites are stored are hugely powerful computers that often feature several hard drives and significantly more memory and processing power than your average home computer. We like to think of a server like an apartment building with each one having its own unique address and the individual appartments are equivalent to the disk space rented to each website. Like real buildings, each unit or appartment has its own address. Think of it as though your rented space on a server is a akin to you renting a house, office space, a warehouse or retail unit.