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  • We analyse your web page
  • We love creating custom channels
  • We determine best ad design and placement
  • We maximise ad units on a page
  • We track and measure your results

We can also change the appearance of the ads placed on your website. A large number of colours and templates are available for your convenience. By doing this you can make your webpage more attractive. Placement of ads can also be done by the Google Adsense Automater, but here at ia, we specialize in manual change over’s on your Ads, getting you more clicks. You can place your ads in between your text also. These types of ads are more likely to get clicked.

There is no doubt that the Google Adsense programme is one of the best online advertising programmes ever. Its ads are highly relevant to the content of the website pages. We simply place the code of the Google Adsense on your webpage, after that you can get the updates constantly managed by ia. Also your income will increase due to the traffic on your site… a win win situation.

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