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Search engine optimisation (SEO) involves improving the visibility of your website within natural search results (not the ‘sponsored adverts’). The higher your site ranks for a number of ‘high traffic key phrases’, the more visitors it will receive from a search engine.

There are several areas which can be incorporated and optimised on websites at the design and construction stages in order to increase its chances of featuring highly on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. As Google is by far the dominant search engine we always look at optimising the sites for Google, however these techniques will also work with all the major search engines.

Google are constantly updating and revising the way that their search engine finds and indexes websites. The exact code is a closely guarded Google secret; however over the years we have experimented using many tests sites to see what gives one website a higher ranking over another.

We have taken this knowledge of what makes a site ‘google-friendly’ and produced several SEO tools that look at the background code that makes up your website and checks for SEO inadequacies. It then offers us suggestions on how to improve the site for our clients.

Naturally these tools are updated regularly to keep up with the evolution of search engine routines, and we will inform you of any suggested amendments we believe need carrying out as time goes by, and offer you a range of choices dependant on the budget you allocate to search engine optimisation and maintenance.

‘Search Engine Optimisation’ experts have a different set of skills to PPC advertising teams, however Internet Assist are fortunate enough to employ the finest teams available for each service available.

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